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Woman accused of Virginia Beach robberies

On March 18, the Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney's Office announced that the state had taken a woman into custody in connection with the robbery of a 7-11 and another convenience store in Virginia Beach. Police believe that two woman robbed both locations, as well as a fast food restaurant and a gas station located in Chesapeake. These alleged robberies began about a month ago. The accused woman, a 23-year-old Portsmouth resident, was not charged in connection with the events in Chesapeake following her arrest.

Virginia man pleads guilty to several burglaries

A former Christian youth leader pleaded guilty on Feb.18 to six felony charges in connection with a string of residential burglaries that spanned seven Virginia counties. He was taken into custody in December 2012. In Albemarle County, the defendant was cited with 19 criminal charges. As part of a deal, prosecutors withdrew 13 of the counts, and he agreed to enter a guilty plea and accept a 28-year sentence, which he may be serving concurrently with penalties that he is facing in other jurisdictions.

Man taken into custody in Virginia bank robbery

West Virginia police officers have taken a man into custody who authorities believe robbed a bank in Loudon County on Jan. 22. Authorities also think that the man may have stolen lottery tickets from a convenience store in Ashburn. During the bank robbery, a man is reported to have jumped over the counter at a Bank of America and told employees to give him cash. He then fled from the bank in possession of the money.

Charges filed after fight in Virginia

A man was allegedly assaulted on the night of Dec. 20. After the man tripped, a group of men allegedly started laughing and making fun of him. Then man then confronted the group verbally. Police have not specified how the confrontation progressed, but the altercation reportedly became physical. The man who tripped reportedly did not want to comply with a police investigation that evening, but he went to the police the following day.

Father charged with abuse after rare disease affects child

Virginia parents could be in the same situation as a Texas family that was nearly torn apart after a father was wrongfully charged with abusing his infant daughter. The family is now seeking to help others who are in similar situations.

Man sentenced for home invasion robbery

A Virginia court judge on Oct. 16 handed down a sentence to one of two defendants accused in a home invasion and armed robbery last year. The 32-year-old Chesapeake man received a reduced prison sentence in connection with the November arrest. On two counts of robbery and two counts of using a firearm, the circuit court judge sentenced him to 28 years in prison with 14 years suspended.

Criminal charge in Virginia Waffle House death nets 10 years

A 30-year-old man was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter stemming from an incident at a Virginia Waffle House in 2012. The trial on the criminal charge ended with the jury pronouncing the man guilty and recommending that he serve 10 years in prison for the offense, which was the maximum sentence possible on the charge. The 30-year-old had been charged after allegedly stabbing a 23-year-old man in the parking lot.

Couple accused of staging robbery

A West Virginia couple has been charged with grand larceny after allegedly conspiring to rob a bar and grill during daylight hours. After reviewing surveillance footage of the robbery, police came to the conclusion that the woman behind the cash register was involved in the crime. Calling the robbery an inside job, police also accused the woman's boyfriend of enlisting his son to play the part of a masked gunman.

Man sentenced for Virginia mall cutting case

On Sept. 6, a former day laborer was sentenced in Fairfax County court following a guilty plea. The man was charged with cutting the posteriors of nine women with an X-Acto knife. He was taken into custody in Peru in January 2012 and extradited to the United States in December to face the criminal charges.


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