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If you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, or you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. The consequences of a conviction can be severe and can limit your options for years to come. You want an attorney who knows the law and the process, who is not intimidated by prosecutors and law enforcement officers, and who has successfully protected the rights of others in similar circumstances.

At Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C., we bring more than 25 years of experience to people in Portsmouth and Hampton, Virginia, handling misdemeanor or felony cases. We take an aggressive approach, carefully investigating the facts and circumstances of your case, including the actions of police and prosecutors. We know from experience that law enforcement officers often take shortcuts, and we will make certain that there was probable cause for any search or seizure, and that you were properly notified of your rights if taken into custody.

To set up an appointment, contact our office by email or call our Portsmouth, Virginia, office at 757-222-2224.

Our criminal defense practice

We provide thorough, aggressive criminal defense for people in the Hampton Roads area and throughout Virginia. We will carefully review police reports and talk to all witnesses, so that we have a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will prepare and file all necessary pleadings and other documents, and will be your voice in all hearings or proceedings, including plea negotiations and trial.

We handle a wide range of criminal matters, including:

It's important to note that the stories and cases reported on this blog are not meant to implicitly or explicitly depict cases actively handled by our firm. In most cases, the blog will simply be covering cases similar to those we are interested in handling.

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To set up an appointment, contact our law firm online or call our office at 757-222-2224.


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