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Virginia Tech football players face felony for alleged soda bottle prank

Two football players for Virginia Tech are facing felony charges after allegedly pulling a college prank Sunday evening. Police in Blacksburg, Virginia responded to a report of some kind of explosion near an occupied apartment around 8:30 Sunday evening. Police claim that the two young men set off an explosion that did not involve fireworks.

Authorities claim that the two football players put toilet cleaner into a regular soda bottle. Authorities claim that the two then stuffed another household product into the soda bottle and left the jug outside an apartment. Officials say that the soda bottle exploded creating a loud noise. The college kids reportedly intended to play a prank on female friends in the apartment complex. Someone in the building apparently called police.

Law enforcement claims that the two redshirt freshmen with Virginia Tech cooperated with police during the investigation. However, the two men also reportedly admitted to putting the contents in the soda bottle, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

The two walk-on football players have been suspended from the football team, pending the outcome of the criminal charges. The two men were processed on felony charges of manufacturing and detonating an explosive device. Each was released from the Montgomery County Jail on $2,500 secured bond.

The charges against Brian Rody and Joshua Trimble are Class-5 felony charges. A conviction for a Class-5 felony could expose a defendant to up to ten years imprisonment under Virginia's statutes.

The two are scheduled to appear for preliminary hearings January 24.


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