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CNU student indicted on drug manufacturing charges

A grand jury reportedly handed down an indictment against a college student who is accused of unlawful drug manufacturing. The Christopher Newport University student is accused of unlawfully manufacturing dimethyltryptamine, which is also known as DMT.

Authorities claim that they received complaints on two successive days in late March that some type of alleged illegal drug activity may be going on in the student's apartment. Several alleged complaints were fielded on March 28. Then on March 29, an anonymous caller reportedly claimed that people were in the apartment at the time of the call. Police claim the anonymous complaint was similar to the reports fielded the previous day.

Law enforcement says that they responded to the apartment and saw glass jars and a plastic container with liquid inside each vessel, according to court documents that WAVY-TV News obtained earlier this year. . Police also say they saw a container of lighter fluid and some rubber tubing in the apartment. Authorities apparently concluded that all of the items suggested some kind of criminal drug activity. Police reportedly seized the items that law enforcement says were in plain view, according to the documents.

The next day, authorities claim that the items seized could be precursors used to manufacture illegal drugs. Law enforcement then sought a search warrant to further investigate and potentially obtain evidence to use against the CNU student.

Law enforcement requested that the CNU student be charged with possession and/or manufacture of a schedule I narcotic, and manufacture of illegal drugs on school property.

The young man was originally arrested in April, and facing serious drug charges related to the police investigation. His next court appearance is scheduled for late October.

Source: WAVY, "CNU student indicted by grand jury," Aug 14, 2012-updated Aug. 15, 2012

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