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Following traffic stop, Virginia couple arrested on drug charges

When people are pulled over for traffic violations, they often expect the same thing. The police officer often asks the individual if he or she knows why the officer pulled the car over. The officer would likely talk with the individual, trying to determine where the individual is going and whether there is any reason to suspect that another more serious crime is at play.

When the police officer asks the individual for a driver's license and proof of insurance, that information is also used to check whether the individual has any outstanding warrants. If there are any outstanding arrests, a routine traffic stop could turn into something much more serious for the arrested individual.

Unfortunately, that is the situation one Virginia couple faced recently. After the couple was pulled over for a traffic violation, they were arrested on a variety of charges, including drug charges. Both the man and woman were jailed on Friday for providing false identity and possession of drugs.

During the traffic stop, the police officer learned that the driver was providing false information regarding his identity. When the officer learned the man's true identity, he also learned that the man had no driver's license and was wanted out of Virginia. He was arrested.

Later, when the woman came to visit him in the sheriff's office, officers suspected that she had drugs in her possession. Officers discovered marijuana and Ecstasy pills. She is now facing charges for allowing a person without a license to drive, a seatbelt violation, possession of a controlled substance at a jail, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and for harboring a fugitive.

Both individuals are now in jail and awaiting court dates at the beginning of August. Given the multitude of charges each of them is facing, it would be wise for them to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who could help protect their rights.

Source: Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald, "Virginia couple arrested for drugs, false identity," June 1, 2012

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